About Us

My name is Isabelle van Beek and I am the founder of My Serene.  I guess the story of My Serene's birth begins with the birth of my youngest child in 2009.  Maya Serenity van Beek.  As you can see, My Serene is a kind of portmanteau of Maya + Serenity.

How did the birth of my child lead to running a Fashion business?  Well, as those of you out there with children may know, they grow fast!  It didn't take long before Maya had grown out of the "poopy nappie" stage and into the "Princess" stage.  This stage means plenty of clothes.  Clothes which aren't necessarily treated with the utmost of care or caution as children experiment and explore their surroundings.  The main stream stores just didn't have available attire for my little princess which ticked all the boxes for what I wanted :

Clothes that last the rough and tumbles of play (yes, even girls play rough!)
Clothes that fit well and look pretty
Clothes that are easy to care for and wash (since you're constantly washing kids clothes)
Clothes that say "this is me, this is who I am"
Preferably made in New Zealand

So, I decided to try my hand at making clothes for my little girl that ticked all the boxes.  Bought a sewing machine and learnt the hard way that things aren't always quite as easy as they seem ;)  However, I'm not one to give up once I get an idea into my head.  So now, a few machines and other equipment later and after some "gentle" pushing from my husband I put my product out there to see what others thought.  The feedback was fantastic and My Serene officially went into business :D

Never content to leave a pot simmering on the stove untouched, that husband of mine decided to stir things up a little with "Where are the boys clothes hunnie?"  So now we are expanding our lines to include boys clothes as well as girls with the introduction of boys shorts.  There are more boys clothes planned in the future also as well as an ever expanding girls catalogue. Who knows what the future holds...